$35.00 + GST

(per 15min block)

Got a burning question for an experienced bookkeeper or Xero smartypants that you need the answer to, that can’t be satisfied by Google? Not currently on one of our business support plans? 

No drama - book a 15 minute call here with one of our amazing team to help you get the answers you need.


Calls are run over zoom, ensuring you are getting maximum time answering what you need and we can share screens to get to the bottom of what you need. 


How this works - 

  1. Follow this link to select in a time with one of our clever team of specialists at PPHQ. Pop in a little bit of info about your query so we can be prepared.

  2. You will then receive a direct debit authority and confirmation of your booking. This must be completed to secure your booking.

  3. A link will then be sent to your email to join the video chat at your chosen time.

  4. We meet, you get your solutions. Sessions will be recorded so you can keep for future reference.  


*if your query is a little juicier than 15mins, we will keep working in 15 minute blocks until you have what you need. Up to 1 hr, then we will organise a follow up appointment.


Not sure if this is what you need? Here are some examples of questions we get asked on the reg to give you an idea of what we can cover in these sessions:


  • What do I need to do for end of year Payroll processing?

  • Why is my wages payable/superannuation/paygw account out?

  • I have these transactions - how should I code them?

  • How can I reformat my P&L?

  • This customer has paid too much - what do I do?

  • How do I connect Paypal/Stripe and what do I do with the fees?

  • Why is my bank balance different to what's in Xero?

  • My employee has a query on their payroll - help!